Kieslect KS2 Smart Watch $80.00

Kieslect Smart Calling Watch Ks2 Overview:

Dual Core, Triple Speed
– Most smartwatches use a single CPU to power every operation, resulting in slow, laggy operation and high power consumption. The Kieslect Ks2 is the industry’s leading “Dual Core” smartwatch that bring a superior, fluid operation and a longer-lasting battery, because life doesn’t stop being recharged, and neither should your smartwatch.
– Introducing the new era of ultra-responsive smartwatches . The Kieslect Ks2 features “Dual Core” Technology, brings an amazing 60 FPS refresh rate and a 30% reduction in power consumption. All of these contribute to a seamless connectivity, lighting-fast responses, and an incredible efficiency.

2.5D GPU Super Dynamic Display
– The Ks2 is equipped with a 2.5D GPU, an industry-leading image processing accelerator, which makes the UI of the Ks2 more colorful and realistic visuals, while also providing stronger and more dynamic 3D effects, animation playbacks, and more.

Advanced Biometric Sensor
– Equipped with 4 ultra-bright LED and an independent large PD, the Kieslect Ks2 can collect 35% more data volume compared to our last geneartion. Combined with Kieslect sophisticated heart rate algorithm, it improves the heart rate monitoring accuracy by 37%.

Body Energy
– Body Energy helps you monitor your person’s energy resources. Every 30 minutes, Body Energy collects data on your physical activity, stress, heart rate, and the restorative powers of sleep. Armed with this data, users can make smarter decisions about exercise and take steps toward forming healthy habits based on their body’s data.
– Your heart rate, sleep quality, activity levels, and stress all contribute to your overall wellness. Having a better understanding of how these elements work together and affect your energy throughout the day is important. If the combined values of these factors dip below 20%, the Ks2 will alert you to rest, replenish, and recharge before continuing your day.

– Choose from 3 breath training modes, including Abnormal Breathing, 4-7-8 Breathing, and Daily Breathing. Breathing training helps strengthen users breathing patterns, helping to correct shallow or fast breathing into deep, slow breaths, improve lung functions, relax their bodies and mind, and improve sleep.

24/7 Health Management
Enjoy 8 highly accurate 24/7 Health Monitoring Metrics.
Body Energy.
Sleep Monitoring.
Heart Rate Beats.
Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2).
Stress Test.
Ambient Volume.
Menstrual Reminder.

The Easy Way to Live a Healthier Life
Get reminders for:
Your Body Battery: <20
Heart Rate: <40 or >120
Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2): <85
Stress Test: >80

Test 3 Health Metrics in 1 Tap
– With the Kieslect Ks2 cutting edge health algorithms, you can quickly test and view your heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress levels in 30 seconds by 1 tap. Get an instant snapshot of your health and wellbeing anytime, anywhere.

100+ Sports Modes
– Designed to inspire, users can take on indoor and outdoor challenges with over 100 pre-programmed workout modes including running, cycling, strength training, golf swing, swimming, and more.

Smart Sports Recognition
– As soon as you begin one of these 6 activities, the watch will sense your movement and automatically suggest that you open the corresponding sports mode.
Outdoor running, Indoor running,
Outdoor walking, Indoor walking,
Elliptical machine, Rowing machine.

3ATM Waterproof
– 3ATM water resistance and anti-water straps mean the Ks2 can go where you go, even in the water. Safely wash your hands, do the dishes, or take a swim and the Ks2 will be right there with you and still working flawlessly.

Running Courses, Train to Be Pro
– The Ks2 is a personal trainer that is always with you and includes 6 pre-programmed running courses for you. Choose from 6-minute easy run, 10-minute easy run, 15-minute easy run, first time run, advanced runner, and strengthened run. It also provides a post-run stretching session.
– The Ks2 will help you determine your pace, track your heart rate, and help you evolve as a runner.

Daily Shortcut Cards
– Experience the ultimate in convenience, with upgraded Shortcut Cards that organize your essential information for quick and easy viewing.

One Step Pairing and Calls
– Unlike other smartwatches with their complicated pairing processes, our 2-in-1 calling chipset and Bluetooth 5.3 simplify the connection process, offering you less hassle and a quicker connection for your always-on-the-go lifestyle.
– Whether you’re engaged in outdoor exercises, house chores, or cooking, you can always enjoy the convenience of viewing your call history, keeping up with personal contacts, and answering or rejecting calls on the watch.

Music Playback & Control
– Use the Kieslect Ks2 to control music playback on your phone via Bluetooth connection and play it through the built-in speaker.
– Whenever you prefer to listen to your music, Kieslect Ks2 makes it easy to stay in control while you’re on the move.
– Keep your hands free and your mind on the task, and ask Alexa to help you. Check the weather, set an alarm, make a call, play a song and more with built-in Alexa – powered by your voice.
– *Amazon, Alexa, and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

2.01’’ FHD AMOLED Display
– The bright and vivid 2.01″ AMOLED display, protected with an anti-fingerprint coating and built with advanced energy-saving technology, will provide you with an amazing visual experience. It supports an always-on display with a resolution of 410*502 pixels.
– The Kieslect Ks2 integrated a refined aluminum frame and anti-glare glass for an elegant yet eye-catching style.
2.01’’ screen size, 410*502 pixels resolution, up to 1000 nit brightness

Always-On Display
– The Always-On Display (AOD) allows you to keep watch face on at all times.

Editable Dynamic Watch Faces
Extra 100+ Watch Faces available in App
20+ Animated Watch Faces
1 Interactive Watch Face
6 Always-On Display Watch Faces
Upload your own pictures as the watch faces

Style Swap
– Want to fit your daily style? Simply rotate the digital crown to select your watch face effortlessly.

– Cover the screen, and the watch face will automatically turn off.

A Battery that Exceeds Expectations
– With just one charge, your watch can last for up to 9 days, ensuring it stays by your side, ready to record your workouts, monitor your health, and keep you connected to the world no matter where you are.

Event Reminder
– Overwhelmed with remembering all your to-do’s and tasks for the day? The event reminder will help keep you on track to ensure you get everything done.

Upgraded Kieslect KS OS
– Friendly to both Android and iOS users, the Ks OS App on your phone conducts health and exercise data display and analysis, features a watch face store, provides system updates for your watch, and facilitates smart device management.

Smart Functions
Improved 300mAh Battery
13 Pre-Programmed Ringtones
Message Reminder
Find My Phone
Remote Camera
Power Saving mode
DNS Mode
World Clock
Alarm Clock

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